When I first started writing about resilience medicine, the COVID pandemic was still something that would have sounded like a made-up dystopian movie. Then, in early 2020, I came down with a kidney infection on top of severe morning sickness and very soon after contracted COVID-19, which left me unable to get out of bed for nearly a month. Like many people, I also experienced a series of pandemic-related professional setbacks during 2020. I wish I could tell you I handled it all perfectly and never felt stressed out or low – but that would be a lie.

The truth is that I had to deploy every bit of my resilience toolkit to make it through without experiencing total burnout whilst also nurturing myself during my pregnancy. But, somehow, I managed to find my silver lining and a sense of stillness in the chaos. I realize now that the resilience blueprint I’ve developed over the last fifteen years is why I was able to get through this challenging time.

My journey to resilience and eventually founding Resilience Medicine as a philosophy has spanned a decade and a half as a practicing doctor specializing in integrative and then cannabinoid medicine. It has encompassed months-long meditation retreats in Asia, extended pranayama (breathing) training at remote ashrams in India, studying with top Harvard brain researchers, and diving deep into my work with plant medicines, including CBD, cannabis, and psychedelics as well as nutrition, brain scanning, and brain training. But, of course, I’ve also responded to my own health challenges too, including Dengue Fever and a severe traumatic injury to my hand.

This last year allowed me to personally re-test, refine and redevelop my resilience medicine philosophy. As a result, I better understand what combination of interventions work and survive the ‘real life’ test – those times when things are far from perfect or predictable. I imagine many of you may have had a similarly challenging year, and I hope you will find the tools and empowerment to help you find your best and happiest self again.

I believe that each of us is innately resilient. Resilience is our birthright and natural way of being: we simply need a roadmap to reclaim it. Everything I recommend here is based on hard science and exciting new research into brain resilience and all its facets. I want you to succeed on your own wellness journey, guiding you on simple things we can do each day to feel better, think better, and have more energy and happiness in everyday life.

Congratulations! You Have Already Taken The First Step on Your Resilience Journey.

By reading this far, you have already taken the first and hardest step towards enhancing your resilience by becoming aware that it is possible!

Resilience is a life-long journey of growth. If you already feel like you are in your resilience flow, that’s amazing! Expanding your toolkit further will help you reach new heights of mental and physical performance and wellbeing. If, however, you are reading this from a vulnerable place and feel like you have tried everything to help get more resilient and almost given up, this is the start of a new chapter in your life – a chapter of greater resilience, hope, and confidence that things can get better, no matter what life has thrown at you so far.

Wherever you are now, the number one rule is to remember to be kind and patient to yourself. Approach this new journey with curiosity and patience. This seemingly small mental practice in itself will set you on the path to a more resilient, happy and thriving version of yourself.

You’ve got this,

Dr Dani Gordon

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