Feeling Overwhelmed? Burned Out? Stressed? Exhausted, or in Pain?

You’re not alone.

Resilience Medicine is a new, open-minded approach, from a new type of doctor, for a world that sees people experience toxic stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and burnout all too often.

A system of wellness and maximizing your mental wellbeing so you can feel better, think better, and live better, Resilience Medicine empowers and enables you to become the best possible version of yourself: in your body, your brain, and your mind.

Resilience Medicine empowers and educates you to live more fully with your unique and personal RM journey. So start building your brain’s resilience today.

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How Does Resilience Medicine Work?

The Resilience Medicine system was developed by an integrative medicine specialist, medical cannabis expert, and advocate for open-minded, progressive health and wellbeing care, Dr Dani Gordon. RM stems from a decade of work helping patients lead happier, healthier lives, despite living with chronic diseases with no single cure. You can use the system to help connect your feelings to actual data so you can see what is working and what isn’t for your unique wellbeing needs since there is no one quite the same as you.

When Dr Dani began combining cannabinoids – cannabis medicines including CBD and THC – with meditation, supplements and dietary interventions, whilst also tracking how people felt over time, she started to see people make significant progress. Dr Dani could see what was helping and what wasn’t, tailoring this unique approach to them as individuals by tracking people’s very individual responses to interventions.

Resilience medicine uses all the tools we have to systematically put the brain and body into a more resilient state. It reduces the way stress can cause distress in our brains, which causes a fight or flight response and changes on a gene and brain network level, both of which can make us more vulnerable to stress and disease. RM makes us stress-proof over time, reducing stress hormone levels and inflammation markers, allowing us to bounce back more easily from each new setback or challenge.

Become The Architect of Your Own Wellness

In its simplest form, Resilience Medicine combines cannabinoids (like CBD) with mind-body interventions like meditation and biological dietary strategies such as a ketogenic diet. These three simple steps together allow you to become more resilient – to maximize your potential, to have the ability to bounce back, and to live a better life.

Cannabinoids are Key to The RM Approach.

Not only do cannabinoids like CBD reduce inflammation, positively impact blood sugar, and make it easier to stick to a diet by reducing resistance to behavior change and good habit development, cannabinoids also calm the mind to make meditation easier.

A Better Quality of Life – For Everyone

Dr Dani developed the RM approach to treat patients with complex conditions depression and anxiety, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and cognitive impairment. Her methods also allowed wellness clients to reach peak mental performance, increase their energy and maintain mental wellbeing under extreme stress.

Dr Dani’s patients proved that cannabis medicine had a significant impact on people’s quality of life: they experienced less pain, reduced stress, more joy, better mood, and higher quality sleep – and these changes kickstarted and supported more life change. For the first time, this new inner balance meant that people could exercise more, lose weight, meditate or engage with CBT techniques.

For me, there is no separation between wellness and medicine – it’s where they meet that empowered healing and transformation occur. In a time when the problem isn’t a lack of information but instead an avalanche of well-meaning but scientifically dubious advice, it’s hard for people to know who and what to trust. So many of my patients are already on a wellness journey, experimenting with diet and supplements, different medications, and wellness practices like yoga and mindfulness.

People want a system to simplify what they are doing, to find out what works and what is worth their time and energy investment – and what isn’t. We can’t do everything under the sun without feeling more stressed and overwhelmed. The RM system is the answer to this overload that many people face.

Cannabinoids are central to the RM philosophy because this class of medicine seems to improve every resilience area, likely because of the effect cannabinoids have on our endocannabinoid system – the essential brain and body system for resilience. I visualized an uplifting, hopeful and fact-based way for people to explore their health and wellbeing and support each other on the journey. RM results from my years of clinical experience to help people understand what works for them in health and wellness.

My mission is to empower people to be the architects of their own wellness; inspired, confident and excited about the choices they can make about their health.”

Dr Dani Gordon, Founder of Resilience Medicine