The conventional medicine approach to many women’s health issues – ranging from hormonal acne to nightmare periods and PMS – is to treat by suppressing the menstrual cycle and our natural monthly hormonal ebbs and flows with the Pill. 

Many women may feel short-changed when they are told to ‘just go on the Pill and stop complaining’ – an approach that, sadly, many doctors offer as the only solution. But, equally, many women decide to stop the Pill after many years and then struggle to understand their natural cycles, as they have been absent for most of their adult life as women. 

Going on the Pill or using an IUD with a small number of hormones can help many of these symptoms, and for many women, it works wonders. However, more and more women prefer a more natural approach.

The Resilience Medicine Approach to The Pill

The resilience medicine approach is to look a bit deeper for underlying causes. Where possible, we aim to explain why these symptoms occur, in addition to offering the Pill to women who want to take a dual approach. Other natural options may be helpful for many common women’s health symptoms. [link to women’s health page]

Teaching all women about menstrual cycles and how hormones work is extremely important in helping us understand our own bodies. Women can feel helpless to the whims of their bodies as we cycle through the hormonal ebbs and flows of life, first with our menstrual cycles and then later through perimenopause and beyond.

When our bodies and hormonal cycles are no longer a mystery, women do not experience the feeling of being ‘at war’ with themselves.