How It Works

The first step is taking the Resilience Medicine Assessment.

This is a 5 minute series of questions designed to assess your resilience signatures in the areas of Mood, Energy, Clarity and Calm, which will then give you recommendations in the areas of Cannabinoids, mindbody training, diet, supplements and new medicines.

This focused, personalised wellness plan is your blueprint for a more resilient life. You can then track your R score to see what’s working best for you – such as what type and amount of cannabinoids or meditation seem to be helpful.

Take The Resilience Assessment

“Even in your challenge areas lie hidden superpowers. It is really about knowing how to use what you have well. For example, if mental clarity is a challenge and you move from idea to idea quickly, you may also be highly creative – they often go hand in hand.”

Dr Dani Gordon, Resilience Medicine Founder