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I feel a lump in the throat sensation when I’m stressed
I grind my teeth at night-I have jaw tension, jaw clicking or soreness
I have physical muscle tension in my body such as neck aches, back-aches or muscle tension that is hard to get rid of despite stretching or exercises
I get headaches
I generally feel at ease in my body
I experience sensations such as racing heartbeat, chest tightness when I’m not exercising
I get sweaty palms / armpits when I get nervous
Caffeine makes me jittery especially if I have more than 1 cup of coffee (ie energy ‘high’ followed by ‘crash’)-
I have gut issues such as bloating diarrhea or constipation that tend to get worse with stress
I am sensitive to loud or sudden noises and tend to be ‘jumpy’ if someone or something surprises me
I find it hard to sit still to meditate
I rarely feel ‘stressed out’
I experience a sense of ‘overwhelm’
I tend to be a worrier
I have a hard time ‘doing nothing’
I gravitate towards vinyasa or other similar faster-paced yoga classes to yin or restorative styles
I find it easy to relax or ‘turn off’ at the end of the workday
I am a laid back person
I rarely feel anxious even when challenging or stressful things happen
I have food cravings for ‘comfort foods’ like high carb foods, sweets and salty foods (eg. crisps, chocolate, bread/pastries, or carby snacks and drinks eg. soft drinks)
I can drink multiple cups of coffee / caffeine drinks without feeling jittery or wound up
I have trouble falling asleep