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The Assessment Has 2 Parts

Part 1: The quick rscore assessment

Part 2: The Full Resilience Assessment

Part 1: Rscore Assessment

Please rate yourself in the following 4 areas of resilience:

Mood – 1 is very low, depressed mood. 10 is perfectly positive mood.
Energy –1 is total exhaustion. 10 is completely energised.
Mental Clarity – 1 is severe brainfog, memory and mental disorganisation. 10 is perfect cognition.
Calm – 1 is severe stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 10 is perfect calmness.

how would you rate your mood?
how would you rate your energy?
how would you rate your mental functioning / clarity?
how would you rate your sense of calmness?
how would you rate your pain?
Please rate your overall sleep quality?
Choose any number between 0 and 100 that describes your quality of life
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