About Dr Dani Gordon

Our Medical Director Dr Dani Gordon founded The London Resilience Clinic after over a decade of experience treating thousands of patients with holistic integrative medicine and medical cannabis in North America. She has extensive experience in the management of chronic conditions ranging from mental health to chronic pain conditions. Many complex and long-term conditions cross multiple speciality areas and require a holistic approach to feel better.

Dr Gordon relocated to London in 2018, just as the UK legalized medical cannabis. Here she mentored the first UK medical cannabis specialist prescribers and is currently leading change for patients as the Vice Chair of the UK Medical Cannabis Clinician Society. She started the London Resilience Clinic to bring evidence-based personalized holistic and cannabinoid medical care to UK patients.

Resilience Medicine 3 Core Beliefs:

  1. Quality of Life matters– we see health symptoms as interconnected & healing can always be achieved even when a cure cannot.
  2. We are all Unique. No 2 people need exactly the same things even if they have the same label.
  3. What gets measured gets managed. Especially with holistic treatment, it’s important to measure progress in an easy way so we know what’s working.

Resilience Medicine 3 Core Beliefs:

What is Resilience and why is important when it comes to health? Enhancing resilience can alter our gene expression & dramatically improve health outcomes. Resilience is:
  1. Our ability to dynamically bounce back and ‘bounce forward’ from life and health setbacks, stresses and difficulties.
  2. Our ability to buffer what’s called our allosteric load, or the total stress load on the brain and body.
  3. Our brain’s ability to reduce distress, both mentally and physically, which activates our inner potential for healing
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