IBS and similar functional digestive disorders are not well solved by one drug, so they require a holistic Resilience Medicine approach. IBS is a group of disorders and can have many different causes or clusters of causes, so there is no single approach that will perfectly benefit everyone., but cannabinoids in the right combination/strains and even full spectrum hemp CBD is one of the most universally helpful tools likely due to the effect on gut inflammation, the gut ECS and with THC in small amounts, gut spasm.

The gut also has its own nervous system or little brain and its endocannabinoid system too, which may become dysregulated in IBS and other gut disorders.

The Resilience Medicine approach to these issues involves many elements, from functional medicine and gut microbiome and leaky gut assessments to ruling out chronic infections.

Personalizing the Resilience Medicine diet (eg. low FODMAPs, low histamine, specific additions to help rebalance gut flora when needed, gluten free, elimination diets to rule out food intolerances), supplements, specific evidence-based IBS mind-body training protocols, and cannabinoids that can include CBD and medical cannabis should also be explored in many cases to find your best fit and solve the issue by addressing root causes.