0 RM Assess Calm 4 MASTER CALCS -8
I feel a lump in the throat sensation when I’m stressed
I grind my teeth at night-I have jaw tension, jaw clicking or soreness
I get headaches
Caffeine makes me jittery (ie energy ‘high’ followed by ‘crash’)-
I am sensitive to loud or sudden noises and tend to be ‘jumpy’ if someone or something surprises me
I find it hard to sit still to meditate
I experience a sense of ‘overwhelm’
I worry
I have a hard time ‘doing nothing’
I gravitate towards vinyasa or other similar faster-paced yoga classes over yin or restorative styles
I have trouble falling asleep/shutting off thoughts before bed
I have trouble staying asleep all night
I rely on sleeping medications to sleep
I feel calm