0 RM Assess Clarity 3 -8
I tend to misplace things
I find that I have to do the same thing over and over because I have lost track of what I have done
I find it hard filtering important from unimportant details in stories or conversation and remembering them
I forget to take breaks when I work
I have difficulty making decisions
I find it hard to plan in advance
I tend to procrastinate
I tend to rush to finish things
I start multiple projects at the same time but sometimes have difficulty finishing them
I find it hard to tune out distractions such as someone having a conversation nearby me when I’m trying to concentrate
I get hooked on social media apps, video games and other screen-based activities easily
The harder I try to focus the harder it feels
I find it hard to get to sleep before midnight on a regular basis
I have trouble staying organised
I have trouble breaking down big projects into manageable chunks
I find it hard to stick to a schedule or routine
I finish whatever I begin regardless of new ideas that might pop up
I get satisfaction from organising things