0 RM Assess Mood 1 -8
I find I am easily irritated by small things or problems
I have difficulty controlling my emotions
I experience strongly negative emotions that are hard to reign in
I have negative self talk despite trying to be more positive
I feel guilty
I have difficulty waking up in the morning without loud alarms
I have trouble motivating myself to do physical exercise like working out, going to the gym or a yoga class consistently-
I have found relaxation practices don’t help me feel better
I feel a lack of of joy in daily life
I experience a vague sense of mental suffering
Finding/feeling happiness each day is a challenge
I use alcohol as a tool to help unwind and feel good at the end of the day
I’m a steady eddy in terms of my mood
When I think about my life, I see mainly victories
I feel like my life has purpose and meaning
I don’t rely on drinking or substances as social tools or to feel happy