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Many people (and even most doctors) still believe that if you eat well, you don’t need supplements. However, supplements play a very important role for most people in modern life to maximize resilience and wellbeing. Virtually everyone in the modern world needs supplements to function optimally, due to factors such as the high burden of environmental stressors we face (including toxins, pesticides, stresses from excessive screen time and lack of time spent in nature) and modern lifestyles.  It is impossible to get our needs perfectly met with diet alone, although diet is so important and a handful of supplements will not cancel out a bad diet, so considering both is needed.

Everyone can benefit from carefully chosen supplements. It is best when supplements are chosen based on individualized needs.  The impact of chronic stress on the body and brain is also unique to each person, things which the RM assessment takes into account to give you the best suggestions just for you.

Supplements may include herbal adaptogens and fungi, amino acids such as L-Theanine, liposomal glutathione, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium and vitamin D, herbal combination products for sleep and stress, and many others depending on your resilience makeup R score and current challenges.