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Mindbody practices and skills enhance what is called neuroplasticity or the ability of the brain to change itself.   Mindbody practices is a core tool in the RM toolkit for this reason. Mindbody interventions as simple as a few minutes of mindful deep breathing each day can shift our biology, inflammatory markers, stress hormones and other neurochemicals over time and are accessible to everyone. They are even more powerful when used with the other tools and individualized just for you, based on your RM assessment and make up.   Mind-body practices help change our brains and bodies in many ways. One way is by activating what is known as the body’s relaxation response. Another is by creating what is called cognitive restructuring. In cognitive restructuring, we inform our minds and brains how to identify and then change maladaptive or negative thought patterns or beliefs about ourselves that may not serve us. These changes create physical chemical responses and rewire neural circuits in the brain.  When we use simple short mindbody practices regularly, profound healing can occur. It can also enhance both mental and physical wellbeing and even reduce chronic inflammation, which can cause many problems in the brain and body.

People who may already feel very stressed or suffer from anxiety or chronic pain find it hard to stick to a mind-body practice due to high discomfort levels, especially when learning. The first 6-8 weeks can be the hardest – but this is also the most crucial time for the brain to change. Just taking between 5 – 20 minutes a day can make an enormous difference, and many people find that mind-body practices become easier with the introduction of cannabinoids like CBD, which can make it easier to relax, reduce stress and pain levels and calm the mind for your practice.  This combination can often give you the boost you may need to stick with your mindbody practice until it becomes second nature. Finding the best fit for you is so important and this is how the RM assessment can help guide you where to start.