Personalising wellbeing to
thrive in modern life.

What is Resilience Medicine?

Resilience Medicine is a new personalised approach to wellbeing and medicine for a modern life. Toxic stress, overwhelm, brainfog, burnout and chronic illness are now so common but still lack good solutions in western medicine. Developed by our co-founder Dr Dani Gordon during her decade + of medical practise as a leading integrative medicine specialist and international expert in medical cannabis. In addition to integrative medicine, diet and supplements, cannabinoids and meditation, Dr. Dani found that many of her patients had benefitted from therapeutic use of psychoactive plant compounds and molecules outside of the medical model since the use of these substances were prohibited.

When Dr Dani started prescribing cannabinoids in addition to her medication, meditation & nutritional medicine programs, she discovered her patients were able to stick to them dramatically better. She discovered cannabis was a gateway drug, a gateway to meditation and improved quality of life.

Resilience Medicine uses the most effective tools we have to systematically put the brain and body into a more resilient, happier state. It recommend the best products and programs specifically for you and allows you to easily track what works for your unique wellbeing needs since there is no one quite the same as you.

Connect your feelings and experiences to actual data and become your own expert.

Cannabis is a gateway drug.
A gateway to meditation and improved quality of life.

The Resilience Medicine Toolkit

In its simplest form, Resilience Medicine suggests interventions in 3 categories: Cannabinoids (eg. CBD oils or THC flower) + New Medicines (eg. therapeutic psychadelics), Mind-body training (eg. mindfulness) and Diet + supplements . It then allows you to track your response to the different variables, via a free app. These simple steps together allow you to successfully navigate the world of health products and practices and find what works for you  to  become more resilient – to maximize your potential, to have the ability to bounce back, and to live a better life.

Cannabinoids & New Medicines

This includes hemp CBD, medical cannabis, THC, minor cannabinoids and terpenoids and emerging novel therapeutics & psychedelics including psilocybin

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Guided meditation recordings to change the brain that fit easily into your day, no meditation training needed

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Diet +

This includes metabolically transformative ways of eating with different levels to customize your food to your needs, powerful natural supplements tailored to your needs

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After you get your personalized plan, track what is working (and what isn’t) in the app to take control back over your wellbeing journey

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Connect your feelings and experiences to actual data and become your own expert.

4 Resilience Skills

Real-world data or people’s tracked experiences trying different therapies, including cannabinoids and psychedelics, has played a major role in more recent research understanding how these things can help aid healing and enhance resilience. Often changes from new wellbeing habits take weeks and months to occur, hence it is so vital to track changes. Often the results from one an intervention only shows up in 1 area.

Over a decade of work with her patients, Dr Dani identified these four key resilience skills which influence resilience potential. One of the keys to enhancing your resilience level is to identify your unique makeup – your areas of strength and your areas of challenge – so you can create your personalised RM wellbeing plan based on what you need most.


The ability to maintain a positive mood balance and outlook, to bounce back from lows without getting stuck in negative thinking & emotional patterns. This area also controls our level of stick-to-it-ness for passion projects & habits that make us feel good.

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Managing and supporting energy levels in your brain, in your body, and on a cellular level, whether you constantly struggle with low energy or find you get zapped under pressure or after nights out more than average.

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The ability to maintain optimum brain and mental cognition, focus and the clarity to support peak thinking, creative problem solving, memory and concentration and recover from ‘brainfog’.

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The ability to easily regain a calm baseline in your nervous system, in your brain, and your body to avoid chronic hyperarousal, a state that can lead to feeling constantly stressed, anxious or on edge and unable to unwind.

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Main Resilience Conditions

Dr Dani developed the RM approach to treat patients with complex conditions depression and anxiety, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and cognitive impairment. Her methods also allowed wellness clients to reach peak mental performance, increase their energy and maintain mental wellbeing under extreme stress.

Dr Dani’s patients proved that cannabis medicine had a significant impact on people’s quality of life: they experienced less pain, reduced stress, more joy, better mood, and higher quality sleep – and these changes kickstarted and supported more life change. For the first time, this new inner balance meant that people could exercise more, lose weight, meditate or engage with CBT techniques.

Women’s Health

Women and men are different, even for the same health conditions women may respond differently and need a women’s focused approach.  Women’s health conditions are often overlooked in medical encounters or poorly treated using medications alone.  However, common women’s health conditions ranging from period problems, supporting through pregnancy and motherhood and then perimenopausal symptoms can all be successfully treated with a RM integrative approach that puts you in control

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Mental Health

Mental Health and Wellbeing is not a one-sized fits all approach.  Most people have suffered at some point with anxiety, stress or mood, often in mild chronic forms that still impact their quality of life, happiness and relationships.  The RM system can help you enhance your mental wellbeing no matter where you starting from right now by showing how to use your strengths and how to buffer challenge areas.

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Cognitive Issues

Optimal cognition or thinking and brain function isn’t just important for older adults.  Cognitive issues like brainfog, and problems with thinking and decision making can affect any age group especially if you suffer from a chronic illness.  Luckily,  brain performance is possible to improve regardless of your age

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Fatigue + Pain

Chronic Pain and Fatigue often go hand in hand, due to their effects and pressure on the brain.  Fatigue can also be as a result of so many factors so getting to the root causes and personalising the approach to recovering energy levels is needed.  Pain and the wider pain experience is different for each person too.

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Step 1

Take The Resilience Medicine Assessment.

The assessment reveals how you are coping now in each of the four Resilience skill areas. It will give you a guide to to cultivate calm, maintain your mood, manage your energy and gain focus and clarity. This focused, personalized wellness plan is your blueprint for a more resilient life. You can then track your R score quickly in the app to see what’s working best for you – such as what type and amount of cannabinoids or meditation seem to be helpful. You can expand your resilience over time with different interventions, from just five minutes of relaxation a day or a shift to your sleep, diet or supplement regime. Enhancing your resilience score can alter your gene expression, improve your health outcomes, increase your happiness and most importantly, radically transform your quality of life.

Stick with your RM plan consistently, tracking your progress in each area, and about eight weeks after putting your resilience tools into practice, you can retake the full assessment. Sometimes, the scores will go up and down over time, or a stronger area may get weaker while a weaker area gets stronger. This is normal and natural as we constantly adapt to life in the real world.

The RM assessment is a tool you can return to when things start to feel out of balance. You’ll get better insight into what may be going wrong and the best simple ways to get feeling better again and back on your resilience track!