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We specialise in the Integrative Medicine treatment of mental health, pain and fatigue conditions including ASD, ADHD, EDS, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, depression and anxiety. For patients with chronic conditions like these, overlapping symptoms are common and many have previously experienced fragmented care, multiple ineffective medications and ended up researching and managing their own treatment plans leaving them exhausted and overwhelmed.


About Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine combines pharmaceutical medications, nutritional medicine, functional medicine and other treatment approaches into holistic patient treatment plans designed to address overlapping symptoms and root causes together, rather than treating each symptom in isolation. This approach reduces the need for medications, enhances treatment outcomes and  improves quality of life.


How We Began

Dr. Gordon, established the Clinic after spending ten years treating patients with integrative medicine in Canada. She focused on managing chronic conditions that were not effectively treated with pharmaceuticals using holistic treatments, including nutritional and mind-body medicine, alongside drug therapy.

In 2022, she founded the Clinic to provide evidence-based, personalised holistic care and innovative medicines to patients in the UK.

About Dr Gordon

Dr Gordon (GMC license 7818491) is a double board certified medical doctor and world leading authority in Integrative Medicine. She has treated 1000s of patients with integrative medicine in North America before moving to the UK and has been widely featured in the media including the Sunday Times, The Guardian, BBC News, Channel 4, Vogue and Marie Claire.

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In this Initial 1 hour comprehensive integrative Assessment with Dr Gordon you will receive a full integrative medicine assessment, a detailed report & treatment plan.
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